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MADE BLACK offers a wide range of varnishing and painting cycles to finish the best accessories in clothing, leather and shoes industry: glossy, matte or demi-matte varnishing, metallic coating, satinized finishing, and exclusive effects such as ceramic, rubber, pearl, fabric, holographic and many more...

All of our production is available in a large selection of colors, including amazing metallic shades obtained with PVD technology.

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PVD Sputtering Technology and Iridescentscent Varnishing

MADE BLACK gets top results with PVD technology, the most clean and green coating technique. This dry and low-temperature process of metal effect coating consists in the deposition of a thin layer of metal (chrome, brass, copper etc.) on the surface of the base item and supplies a variety of advantages beyond compare.

PVD is an economically efficient deposition method that minimizes the waste of valuable metal laying the most thin and uniform film on a wide range of materials. The final result is extremely durable because coating and under-layer are molecularly melt together.

The aesthetic outcome is captivating: an infinite choice of metallic colors and shades, either glossy or matte.

MADE BLACK can also print accessories with many techniques, like tampography, dye-sublimation, laser and micro-injection.

Made Black offers also iridescent effects, also known as "aurora borealis", an optical interfernce generated from mineral's co-evaporation.

Iridescentscent effect