Varnishing, PVD Coating and digital printing on accessories for clothing, leather and shoes industries

Founded in 1995, MADE BLACK is today one of the leading companies in the field of accessories' varnishing and painting in clothing, leather and shoes industries. Well-known for its own reliability and expertise, Made Black is also appreciated for its ability to deal with problems, and efficiently solving them with extreme flexibility.

The close collaboration with customers led our company to a constant growth through the years, always perfecting and proposing innovations and techniques that improve technological development and quality standards of the whole industry. MADE BLACK offers a wide range of varnishing and painting cycles, producing high quality results hardly achievable in the reference market sector.

Our company knows the market's requirements in matter of aesthetics, economics and product duration and is constantly studying to improve procedures and production cycles, in order to offer tailor-made finishing treatments and ensure the best products features.

Digital Printing & gadgets

MADE BLACK, thanks to its brand new UV digital printer, can offer its customers an alternative technology which will be able to satisfy any customization need, personalizing all kinds ofgadget and accessory. With this technology MADE BLACK can print directly on different sizes and materials, such as wood, aluminium, plexiglass... Due to its flexibility, UV printing is the ideal mean to produce plates, menu, and all kind of bussiness' promotional materials.