UV Direct Digital Printing: customize any material with Made Black

MADE BLACK CONCEPT DIVISION, with its ultraviolet technology digital printers can directly print on different materials: from paper and cardboard to wood, pleiglass, aluminium... We can handle different and custom sizes, with a 15cm maximum thickness

This technology is very green and guarantee the most brilliant colors: UV rays immediatly dries ink, thanks to its photoionizing components, ensuring a very clear reproduction.

UV Printed materials are sun's rays resistant, atmospheric agents resistant and waterproof, being perfect for outdoor usage.

Ink and varnishes used in UV printing are eco-friendly and green as they don't contain solvents or other harmful substances. The printing process doesn't release VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the atmosphere.

Our digital production

Paper and cardboard

Business cards, flyer, cards, but also drink coasters...

Print on paper and cardboard Made Black


From fashion accessories masters', perfect prints in any size...

print on buttons Made Black


Smartphone Covers, Power Banks, USB flashdrives...if you can imagine it, we can make it!

Gadget printing Made Black


Plates, menù holders, decorative panels...

Stampa su alluminio Made Black


Wine Packaging, custom boxes, interior decorations...

Print on wood Made Black


Direct print on transparent surface or with white layer to achieve stand out colors...

Print on plexiglass Made Black