Leader Company in accessories' varnishing and painting for clothing, leather and shoes industries.

Thanks to the study and implementation of the best technologies, MADE BLACK has become a reference point for its customers, and the quality of its work is a key factor for the luxury clothing accessory's success.

2000 m2
manufacturing area

Green Vision: certified eco-friendly varnishing

MADE BLACK pays particular attention to environmental conservation and respects the regulations concerning the whole manufacturing process, from raw materials to final products, ensuring high and constant quality to each piece. We constantly strive to a higer level of consciousness, aiming to improve our everiday activities in matter of order, neatness, environmet protection, atmospheric emissions, water drains, noise, dangerous substances disposal and waste reciclyng. This attention guides us in every choice, either human or technological.

MADE BLACK tests its varnishing and painting cycles with the help of independent analytical laboratories, to guarantee ISO compliant results and the maximum safety.

Our departments

Administrative and marketing

Our relationship with the customer is essential, its full satisfaction is our goal! Our workflow starts with the transformation of the Transport Document into a full personalized work sheet containing all customer's data and requests, and associated with a barcode to easily check progresses in any step of manufacturing process.

Uffici amministrativi e commerciali Made Black

Surface Treatment

An accurate surface treatment is a necessary operation performed to ensure the right grip of varnish on the item, in order to fit best quality standards in the next manufacturing steps. The treatment cycle choice depends on item's material (plastic, metal, etc.) and can be one of the following: ultrasound wash,de-greasing, sandblasting

Controllo qualità Made Black


Item positioning can be performed in plain - a plateau, or hanged - in framework.
In this step we perform addictional quality controls on support's base, verify correct item positioning, and prepare items for further cleaning actions.

Posizionamento Made Black


We offer a wide range of colors and finishings, such as: color, pastel, fluo, metallic, pearlescent, glitter, materic effects and digital printed... Upon request we make custom colors, archiving personalized formulas into client's data along with delivered batches list.

Colorimetria Made Black

Robotic Varnishing

The company has 5 anthropomorphic systems, one of which equipped with UV lamps for UV drying, 5 cabins for manual varnishing and a framework varnishing automatic system. Items drying is performed in static ovens. We offer a wide range of technologies, fromPVD sputtering to iridescent varnishing .

Verniciatura Made Black

Quality Control

Every production step has its own quality control, and further spot checks are made for every customer order, to ensure product's maximum compliance. Varnishing resistance is guaranteed by different controls like: cross-cut, boiling turbula, domestic wash and dry cleaning.

Controllo qualità Made Black


The packaging phase is carried out using the most suitable item and workmanship, so that transport and logistics do not alter the integrity and quality of the processed product.

Packaging Made Black